Moon Glow Radio is an online completely DIY,
community supported radio station!

Join the Moon Glow Radio Volunteer Team

Moon Glow is completely DIY and a complete community labor of love. Moon Glow looks to highlight and uplift Black, Indigenous, POC and marginalized voices. In creating Moon Glow Radio, we are looking for a space to celebrate the beautiful works of different artists through "traditional" and non-traditional radio shows. We can’t do that without your help! We’re looking for folks who love music and whole heartedly want to help amplify the works of underrepresented artists and musicians.

*** All volunteer positions are unpaid ***

Who we’re looking for:

  • Kind, caring, reliable, and respectful folks looking to join our Moon Glow Community
  • Folks who are able to make a commitment of at least 3 months of volunteer work (at least 3-4 hours per week)
  • Music lovers who stand by our mission & are looking to support current projects to help make sure Moon Glow Radio reaches, uplifts, and represents different members within our community
  • An idea for your show! What kind of music do you plan on playing? What does your format look like?
  • Shows don’t have to be strictly music! We are open to podcasts, journalism, talk radio, and all different kinds of ideas.

Current openings (please click on position to apply)

Most of all, thank you for your interest & support of Moon Glow Radio. Moon Glow Radio is completely community driven & runs on the love & support of our volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you!