Every third Sunday @ 8pm - 9pm pst

DJ Bio: Paige is a fire sign with a fire for understanding how music drives our cultural consciousness. she's a southern transplant to NYC, and a writer obsessed with over-explaining everything. Always a romantic but sometimes stressed about reality, she believes music is the best way to express our sincerity in a world driven by irony. Favorite acts include everything from Tyler Childers to Wet Leg. 

Show Bio: The South often gets pigeonholed into sweeping generalizations not necessarily representative of the beauty, culture, and diversity within one of the most disenfranchised places in the country. GRIT represents the realness, resilience, and culture of the American South with music from across the spectrum, through a cultural lens. Sometimes the bigotry outshines the beauty, so this is about highlighting the marginalized, radical talent coming from places sometimes left behind in cultural conversations. From coal miner anthems, to roots, to nola brass, to trap music, it's all there and it's time to get real about what southern artists have to offer.