Pictoria Vark Is the Cool Older Sister You Ask For As a Kid

Pictoria Vark (aka Victoria Park) is the cool older sister you ask for as a kid. The one you look at from behind the wall into her room as she plays the bass on her bed and you think, “I wish I was like her.”

Her Instagram is filled with cool people content that radiates creative excellence and artistic alternative flares... just like her music. The pictures of her and her friends, and the announcements of her newest single “Wyoming” (Which I will be streaming, and so should you.) as well as other amazing things on the way, all add up to the ever so talented: Pictoria Vark.

The bass-driven, lyric-focused, indie rock artist and I get to messaging one another and already I felt the vibe of comfort and friendliness. I asked her about “Wyoming” and what it means to her. “‘Wyoming’ is about this move from New Jersey to Wyoming that my parents decided to make about 3 years ago.” She says, “But since then it's grown on me so much; my parents helped me film the music video in Wyoming which was a really sweet, full-circle moment.” I could feel the reminiscent tone of it all through the screen. The love she has for her craft and for her life shine through her words just as they do in her lyrics. Her lyrics truly speak to the listener, they hold hands with her melodic voice and look her audience in the eyes to say, “I understand. I feel it too.” This is what you should expect from “Wyoming”, and all of the other tracks off of her debut full-length album, “The Parts I Dread” coming out in early April.

“I am SO NERVOUS to release this single!” She shares with me, “I almost couldn't sleep last night but I really hope people are into it; all the feedback I've gotten thus far has been so kind.” And she’s right. There is nothing but love present in the comment section of her posts for the newest single “Wyoming”. I am not the least bit surprised. Her audience is supportive and loving, and Park hopes to see that grow. She tells me “I don't know if I have a target audience per se. I guess maybe people who cry a lot because they're overwhelmed with joy and people who are addicted to Twitter.” Perfect, I fit right in.

Park is already growing and expanding her artistry all over. She tells me she’ll be on tour till June and playing at Treefort, a festival in Idaho, which will be her first festival as Pictoria Vark. “Which is just a dream come true.” She shares, as she wraps up some of the things she will be accomplishing this year. This is only the beginning for Victoria Park and her musical journey, and I for one cannot wait to see the things she will accomplish in the future. Stream “Wyoming”, “I Can’t Bike”, and “Good For” for clear skin and lots of happy crying.

Pictoria Vark is the project of Iowa City-based songwriter and bassist Victoria Park. Her debut album “The Parts I Dread,” is due out April 8th via Get Better Records and is available for pre-order now. Photo by Meanz Chan, edited by bbyweems.


February 11, 2022

by Nya Hardaway